JiangMaiTang is a Chinese contemporary Pâtisserie bringing the savoir-faire of the past to today’s health-conscious eaters, introducing to Chinese gastronomy the concept of Haute Pâtisserie. Our menu is sweet and savoury, vegan, seasonal. And always fresh.

Due to the seasonality of our menu, items are subject to change.


What if you could bite into a cloud? As artists and craftsmen, as delicacy makers, we trust in lightness and harmony. We limit the use of sugar, cream and butter to the exact need and purpose. This is where our magic happens: flavours are liberated and our pâtisseries are more digestive-friendly! The perfect balance for the perfect pâtisserie.


As a reward to the mind and a cure to the body, we believe healthy ingredients are a wiser choice for our well-being.

From our breads and pâtisseries to our salads and sandwiches, all our products are created with the highest quality and hygiene standards, a respect for tradition and a love for our craft without compromise. Our food is meticulously prepared with care, mixed and shaped by hand, made on the spot every single day by our team of qualified bakers.

We source our ingredients from reliable suppliers. We use fresh and daily-washed fruits and vegetables. All our products are preservative and additive free.

Info on source of products: butter/cream/chocolate from France, sugar from Korea, milk from Switzerland, almonds from US, green tea from Japan. Add graphic animation on picture of ingredients.


Our bread, pâtisserie and lunch making all begins with a great attention to detail. From our high-tech kitchen equipment and our team of passionate bakers chefs to the ingredients we select nothing is left to chance. As a house of expertise, we combine ancestral techniques with innovative standards.

Our staff is professionally qualified, experienced and reliable. We are trained to understand our craftmanship as well as to offer irreproachable service. JMT is driven by the commitment of our team inside and outside from the  our kitchen to your table.

JMT introduced a unique bakery concept to Beijing: a healthy and sensory experience in a clean modern space. It is more than your typical neighbourhood bakery. It is a place to gather and connect, a destination for bakery lovers as much as it is an innovative and resourceful kitchen.


Bringing together Aurore Chieng’s French and Chinese heritage, JMT was born from her audacity, her eagerness to explore new flavours hidden in the diversity of Chinese cuisine and her intention to revisit French classics.

Chef Aurore was born and raised between Paris and London. She studied Litterature, Art and Theater where she draws her inspiration from. She graduated from the Gregoire Ferrandi Culinary School in Paris. She holds a degree in pastry, chocolate, ice-cream and confiserie. She trained in French institutions (Ritz Hotel, Des Gâteaux et du Pain, Pâtisserie Seurre) where she learned both traditional and contemporary pâtisserie. But Aurore Chieng had China in mind. She first settled in Shanghai where she worked for the New York restaurant Madison and as a pastry teacher for Les Roches Jinjiang International Management School. She founded JiangMaiTang in 2011 when she settled in Beijing.